Designated Provision

Meadowside Designated Provision

Head teacher: Mr S Wright

Designated Provision Lead teacher/SENCo:  Mr D Clay

SEN governor: Mr P Calrow


Meadowside hosts a  Local Authority (LA), Key Stage 1 Development Centre and a Key Stage 2 Designated Provision Class, for children with cognition and learning difficulties. 

Places are allocated in these classes by the LA and follow submission to a panel of experts and discussion with parents.  All children in the Development Centre or Designated Provision classes have an Education and Health care plan (EHCP).

Parents are encouraged to visit school, to help to decide if the provision provided at Meadowside can meet their child’s needs. 

Both classes are situated within the main school and are very much integrated into life at Meadowside. 

If allocated a place within Meadowside’s DP the LA may provide escorted transport for those children who live a certain distance away from school. This has to be applied for through the LA transport department. 


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