Date: 26th Nov 2017 @ 7:52pm


Hey everyone, do you know how to stay safe near fire and do you know how to save someone's life ? If not read on to find out, because you might be in these situations ,or your family or friends could be in this situation.

Ok then , now if you are ever next to a campsite you should not walk right next to the fire because you could trip into the fire and burn yourself. If you're going to put the coal in the fire, you should have a fire proof glove also a fire proof jacket on because you could burn your arm, but if you have the jacket and glove on you'll be ok .

Now then, if you see someone choking, and it's just you two in the area tap their back as hard as you can, but only do it if there not coughing or speaking or making a sound. After that, it they’re still choking call 999 and ask for an ambulance ask for them as quick as possible please. Well , here's another thing if someone move there arm or there leg they will have broke there Arm or leg . But do not ask them to move it because it could make it worse just put a pillow underneath very carefully. One last thing call 999, and ask for the paramedics please.



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