Reading and Phonics


To provide an English curriculum that will teach children to speak, read and write fluently so they can communicate their ideas effectively to others.

  • To develop children into efficient, effective, thoughtful and strategic readers who can learn about life, discover information and deepen their thinking through considering other people’s views and experiences with a critical mind
  • Establish a consistent and coherent pedagogical pathway to the teaching of phonics from Early Years and beyond.
  • Understand and apply their knowledge of phonics in reading.
  • To teach children aural discrimination, phonemic awareness and rhyme to aid reading, writing and spelling development.
  • To encourage the use of segmenting and blending so that decoding skills provide a sound foundation for reading, writing and spelling.
  • To ensure the teaching of phonics is lively, interactive and investigative.
  • To enable children to use phonic awareness across the curriculum.
  • To ensure that children know the 44 phonemes within the English language.
  • To teach children to recognise the graphemes within words and associate them with the appropriate phoneme when reading.
  • To provide children with strategies to identify and decode ‘tricky words’.
  • To develop retrieval skills through a range of information texts, including those related to the class’ topic.
  • To consolidate literacy skills, build vocabulary and develop fluency and confidence as speakers, writers and readers of language.
  • To develop inference skills through a range of texts, including poetry.
  • To help children become avid readers, giving them greater understanding of the wider world.
  • To create a reading culture that celebrates a love and enjoyment of books, motivating reluctant readers.
  • To be able to read a range of materials fluently, critically and with understanding for enjoyment and for information
  • To provide opportunities to apply reading across the wider curriculum.
  • For children to develop a wide knowledge of vocabulary and understanding of words in context.


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