Year 4's Fabulous Viking Trip and Careers and Aspiration week

Date: 31st Oct 2017 @ 10:41am

Last half term, our year 4 class went on an exciting Vikings and Anglo-Saxon trip to our local Warrington Museum and Pyramid Centre. The children looked at different artefacts from that era and have drawn some amazing art pieces, which are up on our display in school. Year 4 got to experience what life was like as an Anglo-Saxon slave and excitedly made flour from grains, made beautiful bracelets and even made fire. Later, the children dressed up and went head to head with a voracious viking battle!                                          

As part of our 'Careers and Aspirations' week, our year 4 class took part in a variety of activities and visits such as:- dancing, visit frm the vets and cooking some delicious biscuits at Beamont High School.


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