C.A.F.T Week 4

Class: Meadowside DC Buttercups Class Year: 2017 - 2018

Our trip to CA.F.T. Week 4 - Nature


Our fourth visit to CAFT was one again a wonderful day, we were very lucky to have such beautiful weather so that we could spend more time outdoors. Today we talked about nature and looked at all of the areas of nature around CAFT. We found things around the area as a sensory activity to describe the feelings of and what they looked like as well as some messy sensory play. We also got a special treat... making our own cakes! Together we talked about the ingredients needed and the order of instructions in which to add them. With our fantastic team work we had some very tasty cakes to eat!
After lunch we were set the challenge to find things in the forest to make dens! We had a lot of fun looking for sticks, materials and blankets to make the best den, and as it was such a beautiful day we had time before going home to have a little play on the playground.

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