C.A.F.T Week 3

Class: Meadowside DC Buttercups Class Year: 2017 - 2018

Our trip to C.A.F.T. Week 3 - Birds


We had a very exciting day planned for our third session at CAFT! This week we were learning about birds, we had lots of activites in store for us. Firstly we had a walk through the forest to see if we could spot any birds in the trees. At the bottom of the forest, the CAFT staff very kindly took us to see all of their birds in the aviary, we saw lots of different, beautiful birds and looked at the eggs that different birds produced. After seeing the birds and talking about them together, we made our own bird feeders for them! We loved this fun and messy activity!
After lunch, a very special visitor come to visit us! She brought with her 4 different birds to look at and even let us hold them with her! We loved learning about birds and came home with lots of new and exciting information!

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