At Meadowside Community Primary and Nursery School we expect 100% attendance from our whole school community: pupils, teachers and support staff too. However, some absences can't be avoided, such as: serious illnesses or unavoidable hospital appointments. We may ask you to provide evidence of upcoming medical appointments or treatments.

Holidays in Term Time

Following the recent High Court ruling regarding holidays in term time, the following is the Local Authority's position for all Warrington schools; 
Holidays will be unauthorised  except for very few due to specific circumstances. The majority of requests will not be agreed by head teachers and so will be marked as an unauthorised absence. 
The threshold for referral to the Local Authority for consideration is less than 90% attendance over any academic year. This figure includes any absence from school not just absence for the purpose of a holiday. Although penalty notices are not issued in Warrington, there is a clear process in place for challenging poor school attendance which can lead to fast track prosecution in magistrate’s court. We work very closely with our Local Authority Attendance Officer, Nicola Whyte, and regularly review attendance and punctuality.
As a service we fully appreciate the financial constraints that some families face when booking holidays. However, there is an expectation that all schools introduce stringent checks to ensure that there is a significant reduction in the number of absences during term time. 
If your child is late into school this may also result in an absent mark.  Punctuality is also very important as it can disrupt your child and other children’s learning. We will also be checking punctuality regularly. 
We ask that you communicate with us to ensure that your child’s attendance is as high as possible.
We may be able to offer support where there are barriers to good attendance and punctuality. 
Please contact Alison Stokes, Welfare Coordinator, in the first instance for support and advice on attendance issues or make an appointment to discuss any issues on:
Please find our attendance policy below


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