Healthy Snack and Lunchbox Letter

Dear Families                                       

We would like to remind you of our Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy, which was agreed at the end of the summer term, “A healthy diet is a balanced diet”.

We request that the following items should not be included in packed lunches or for snacks:


  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Chocolate bars
  • Crisps (unless baked or low fat)
  • Sweet cakes or sugary doughnuts
  • Any bars containing nuts


It is very important to have a healthy packed lunch each day and a snack, although is not required, must be healthy. Toast can be bought as a snack, at a cost of 15p.

In line with our school policy, parents/carers will be spoken to at the end of the day and reminded,  if any items of snack or lunch have been bought in, which are not permitted. If they continue to be bought into school, as a healthy school, we have the right to confiscate the items and return them to parents/carers at the end of the school day.


Thank you for your co-operation

Mr Stuart Wright


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